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Hardship Waivers

Hardship Waivers

Frequently, a person may be ineligible to receive a green card or immigrant visa because of an  inadmissibility, such as unlawful presence, misrepresentation or fraud. In these cases, the person can  apply for a waiver if they have a qualifying relative, through whom they must prove extreme hardship to  the qualifying relative if the green card and/or immigrant visa is not granted. 

Depending on the reason for inadmissibility, an individual may be banned from re-entry for three, five,  or ten years. In certain circumstances, a lifetime ban may be imposed. In spite of these bans, there may  still be an option to legally re-enter the country through a I-601 or I-212 waiver. 

Our firm has helped dozens of clients obtain hardship waivers and successfully adjust their status or  obtain an immigrant visa. We know how difficult this process is and we are here by your side the entire  time. We help build extremely strong and incredibly effective waiver applications. Give us a call today to  set up your consultation so we can evaluate your hardship factors for a waiver. 

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