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September 2017
“The immigration process when it comes to sponsoring a spouse is very much dependent on the corporation of the US citizen or permanent resident spouse. The most immediate consequence to your spouse not going to the Green card interview is that if you show up without your spouse, it is going to raise a lot...
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“Hi this is immigration attorney Abisha Parikh. and today i will be discussing the E-2 Visas. The E-2 investor visa allows an individual to enter and work inside of the US, based on an investment the applicant will be controlling within the US. The visa has to be renewed every year, but there is no...
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“Hi this is immigration attorney, Abisha Parikh. And today i am going to be briefly discussing the O-1 Visa for extraordinary ability individuals as an alternative for a H1-B Visa.  Most people are familiar with the H1-B Visa as the most common work visa. However, the O1 visa is a very unique visa that allows...
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“Hi this is immigration attorney Abhisha Parikh and today ill be discussing joint sponsorship.  When sponsoring immigrants for a green card in the US, the petitioner has to meet certain income guidelines in a family based case in order for immigration to be sure that the immigrant will not go on public assistance in the...
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“Hi this is immigration attorney, Abhisha Parikh and today I am going to be talking about naturalization and citizenship requirements. More and More people wish tot apply to become US citizens, whether it is for a job or for family reasons. Being a US citizen allows you to do things that you couldn’t do as...
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“Hi this is immigration attorney Abhisha Parikh, and today I am going to be discussing the EB5 investor visas. The EB5 requires any foreign investor, regardless of their nationality, to invest either half a million or a million dollars in order for them to be able to come to the US and acquire a green...
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