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USCIS Receives 781K H1B Registration for FY 2024: What You Need to Know

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducted the H1B Lottery for the fiscal year (FY) 2024 season during the last week of March 2023. Many have been eagerly waiting to know the total count of H1B registrations. Many also want to know how many were selected, and other common statistics related to the H1B Visa 2024 season. According to the latest data from USCIS, they have received 781,000 H1B registrations for the upcoming season.


H1B Registration Statistics for FY 2024 Season


Total Submitted

USCIS received a total of 780,884 (approximately 781K) H1B Registrations for the FY 2024 season.

Total Eligible

Of the total 781K H1B registrations submitted, the total number of eligible registrations stood at 758,994 (approximately 757K). The difference of 21,890 (780,884 -758,994) between submitted vs. eligible registrations is accounted for the duplicate registrations, failed payments, and others deleted by employers before the close of the registration period.

One Employer Only H1B Applicants

Of the total eligible 757K H1B registrations, the number of H1B applicants with only one H1B registration stood at 350,103(approximately 350K). This means that all these 350,103 applicants filed H1B registration with only one employer and had only one H1B job offer.

Multiple Employers Filed H1B Applicants

Of the total eligible 757K H1B registrations, the number of H1B applicants in 2024 with multiple H1B registrations stood at 408,891(approximately 409K). This means all these 408,891 applicants filed H1B registrations with more than one H1B employer as they had multiple H1B offers.

Selected H1B Registration

USCIS selected 110,791 H1B registrations from the total H1B registrations pool to reach the H1B cap of 85,000. They picked about 25,791 (110,791-85,000) more H1B registrations than the actual H1B cap quota to account for denials, non-filings, etc.


Implications for H1B Applicants


H1B Visa Program Competitiveness

The H1B visa program remains highly competitive, and the number of applications received this year is significantly higher than the previous year, which saw 308,613 applications. The increase in applications reflects the continued demand for skilled foreign professionals in the US job market.

USCIS Lottery Process

USCIS has completed the initial registration process for the 2024 H1B visa applications. The agency has received and processed the required number of applications for the lottery process. This will determine which applications move forward for further processing. It’s important to note that the lottery process is highly competitive, and not all qualified applicants may be selected.


Alternatives to H1B Visa

The H1B visa program is just one option available for skilled foreign professionals looking to work in the US. There are other visa categories available, such as the O-1 visa or the EB-1 visa. These may be more appropriate depending on your skills and qualifications.


Consult an Immigration Attorney

If you’re considering applying for an H1B visa or any other type of visa, it’s best to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to increase your chances of success.

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